Refunds and Cancellation Terms and Conditions - The Flights Guru
1. Refund Policy:
1.1 General Policy:
Refund eligibility is subject to the terms and conditions of the respective airlines, hotels, and other service providers.
The Flights Guru works to provide fair and timely refunds while according to the policies set forth by the service providers.
1.2 Cancellation Fees:
Cancellation fees may apply based on the policies of the specific service provider. Before making a booking, customers must comprehend and agree to these fees.
1.3 Processing Time:
The policies of the service provider determine the variance in refund processing time. Every attempt will be made by The Flights Guru to speed up the refund procedure.
1.4 Denied Boarding or Flight Disruptions:
Refunds for refused boarding or delayed flights will be handled in accordance with the policies of the relevant airline. In these situations, customers should get in touch with The Flights Guru right once for support.
1.5 Unused Services:
Unused services, like hotel or car rentals, could be subject to particular guidelines provided by the service provider. These rules will apply to requests for refunds for underutilized services.
2. Cancellation Policy:
2.1 Cancellation Requests:
Customers are required to make cancellation requests via The Flights Guru's official channels, following the guidelines that are provided.
2.2 Cancellation Fees:
The service provider's policies decide if cancellation fees are applicable. Before making a booking, customers must understand and agree to these fees.
2.3 Airline Tickets:
The cancellation policies of individual airlines apply to airline tickets. Certain tickets can have limited refund options or be non-refundable.
2.4 Hotel Reservations:
Different hotels have different cancellation policies. Before making a reservation, customers should read these policies. There may be fees associated with no-shows or late cancellations equal to a certain number of nights.
2.5 Package Bookings:
The cancellation policies for individual components (hotels, flights, etc.) will apply to package bookings.
3. Amendment Policy:
3.1 Amendment Requests:
Requests for amendments must be made via The Flights Guru's official channels, following the guidelines that are provided.
3.2 Amendment Fees:
Amendment fees may apply based on the policies of the service provider. Customers are responsible for understanding and accepting these fees before making a booking.
3.3 Airline Tickets:
Amendment policies for airline tickets are subject to the rules and regulations of the respective airline.
4. Force Majeure:
4.1 Definition:
Bookings may be modified, postponed, or cancelled by The Flights Guru and service providers in the event of force majeure (natural disasters, war, terrorism, etc.). Refunds in these circumstances will be handled in line with the service provider's policies.
5. Contact Information:
5.1 Customer Support:
Customers who need help with cancellations, refunds, or changes can get in touch with The Flights Guru's customer service by using [contact details].
6. Agreement Acceptance:
6.1 Acknowledgment:
Customers who book through The Flights Guru agree to the terms and conditions shown below regarding refunds, cancellations, and amendments. They have read, understood, and accepted to these terms and conditions.
Note: This is only a basic template; to guarantee compliance with the laws and regulations that apply to The Flights Guru, legal specialists should be consulted.